The Kaayakalpa Ayuveda Wellness Clinic


Disease free condition is the best source of virtue,wealth,gratification and emancipation while disease are destroyers of this (source),welfare and life itself, Ayurveda Providing Knowledge of Aetiology, symptomatology, and therapeutics is the best way for both the healthy and the sick,believes Dr Vipul Anand who together with his soulmate Dr Sangeeta Anand Founded Kaayakalpa Ayurveda in the year 2010. Kaayakalpa Ayurveda is a multi-speciality Ayurvedic Clinic which offers all the services ranging from Health care for healthy lifestyle to the treatments of various chronic diseases,under the expert supervision of Dr Vipul Anand. The clinic is dedicated to create Disease free condition in an individual by applying Ayurvedic Principles of understanding a Patients Individuality,and customising the treatment according to his / her basic constitution and clinically diagnosing underlying imbalances in the physiology. The clinic amalgamates the modern tools and techniques with ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to provide Holistic healing.

Therapy Rooms