An Interview with Dr. Anand


Good morning Dr Vipul Anand
Very good morning to you.

Dr Anand,kindly let us know how do we define Ayurveda?
Ayurveda comes from two sanskrit words Ayus or” life” and Veda meaning “Knowledge” or” science”,Therefore Ayurveda is usually translated as” the science of life” and i would further say its an encyclopaedia for a Healthy life.

Tell us how this ancient science applicable in this Modern World?
Preventive as well as curative its serves dual purpose,stressful hectic lifestyle demands guidelines on which we can tune in our clock with stress busting techniques through YOGA, therapies like SHIRODHARA, body massages, detox & cleansing along with Ayurvedic formulations free from adverse reactions and a loads of understanding on oneself through Ayurveda concepts.

How you approach your patients at Kaayakalpa Ayurveda Wellness Clinic?
Uniqueness of our wellness clinic is the time we devote to our patients, and educate patient on their illness,examine them thoroughly on modern as well as Ayurvedic guidelines, and derive a customised wellness programme suiting their disorders.We also provide all the necessary Ayurvedic formulations, oils, diet and lifestyle plans, for a duration, dosage and indication decided by doctor.

Apart from your specialised Ayurveda wellness programmes what else do you treat?
We have been treating many chronic diseases and got tremendous results in Skin disorders such as Psoriasis, Eczema’s of various origins, Acne, also chronic allergies cough and low body resistance,General body fatigue, many psychosomatic disorders, chronic depression, sleep disorders, and sexual debility.

Why Kaayakalpa Ayurveda wellness clinic when we have other wellness spas?
This is due to 5 reasons:
1) All treatments therapies are done under supervision of well qualified Ayurvedic Physician,
2) Use of authentic Ayurvedic oils ( Not just any ordinary oil) which is tailored for your illness or need processed and decided by doctor.
3) Individual attention and specified result oriented researched treatments done by doctors.
4) Unlike spas where you just get relaxation whereas here you will get solutions to most of your health problems and also guidelines to stay healthy.
5) Under one roof you have Ayurvedic treatment & medicines, relaxation therapies, specialised services such as Ayurvedic skin care& beauty programmes, specialised services such as weight loss pain healing, and Yoga programmes.

Doctor what is your message to the people?
Perverted, negative and excessive use of time, intelligence, and sense objects are the threefold cause of both mental as well as body disorders, Ayurveda provides guidelines on healthy lifestyle do write us or visit us to get more insight on this ancient system of healing Ayurveda.

What are you aims and objectives?

Our aim is universal

          “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Shantu Nir-Aamaya” means may all become happy, may all become free from illness

And we believe in

          “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” means the whole world is one single family
          Kaayakalpa Ayurveda open it’s gateway to this single family called as World, for a healthy living.