"Acne Treatments is very effective. Welcoming staff. Treatment has brought much improvement in my skin. Dr. Anand advises and medicines have really done wonders"
Miss Reshmi Babooram (Bank officer) - 26.05.2014

"Very relaxing. Room adequate and therapist very caring"
Mrs. Josiane Mariole (Manager at TNT) - 23.05.2014

"Last week came, feel better and it’s very good welcoming. Therapist, a nice lady takes care of me"
Mrs. Kavita Achameesing (Finance Officer) - 23.05.2014

"Treatment excellent very well 70% result achieved in only 15 days. Suggest to follow complete ayurvedic treatment with massage therapies to get maximum benefit"
Mr. Pultoo Karamchand (Police Constable) - 22.05.2014

"When I first came I was in a lot of pain. Back and knees was unable to move. Dr ANAND advised me to do ten massage sessions a, slowly by each session I was able to mobilise. Now I have no pain and able to walk with little help and able to stand up from the chair. The therapist was very polite, helpful and caring"
Mrs. Moutou Josiane (Retired Person) - 22.05.2014

"Feel good when back now. It’s like a booster. Facial massage was very good; steam bath was very nice, lost few pounds too. Look forward to next appointment. Thank you"
Mrs. Hardas Pratimah (Housewife) - 22.05.2014

"Very veryyy relaxing massage and facial treatment; angel touch! I am a regular patient here and my health has transformed completely, Dr Anand has a very gentle & sensitive approach towards his patients, and his yoga sessions have been a great learning sessions"
Miss. Maneesha Ramsurn (Clerk) - 21.05.2014

"The massage was very good. I feel really relaxed and well"
Mrs. Ettiva Lutchmaya (Retired) - 20.05.2014

"Treatment is going fine, massage also was good. It seems I am improving much better than before"
Mrs. Uppiah Devi (Housewife) - 19.05.2014

"Much relieved with the treatment – & consultation"
Mrs. Vanesha Bauluck (Admin Associated) - 17.05.2014

"Seven sessions Massage therapies advised by Dr Anand have been miraculous. Thanks"
Mr. Moorthy Nagalingum (Retired) - 14.05.2014

"I am feeling better now and of course each session has been a true relaxation for me. I leave my special thanks to the therapist who has been very gentle and understanding"
Mrs. Ramuth Dhuneswaree (Retired) - 10.05.2014

"7 sessions of Nasya therapy very good appreciate and my sinus & headache treated completely"
Mr. Joorawon Yuvraj (Self employed) - 02.05.2014

"Really appreciated the potali therapy, feeling relief in my pain & inflammation"
Mr. Noorani Chadun (IT Information) - 29.04.2014

"Very nice relaxing session. Feel really relaxed. Thank you"
Mr. Sewraj Ganeshe (Software Engineer) - 26.04.2014

"The medication seems to work and I am very happy about Ayurvedic medicines, excellent results in my case, will refer patients to Dr Anand"
DR (Mrs) Mita Ballysingh (Doctor) - 08.04.2014

"Excellent level of service, very professional"
Mr. Satyen Ramdharry (Manager) - 01.03.2014

"Back massage with Potali – It was a very relaxing experience – on the spot relief on back and shoulder"
Mrs. Mooraby Nazimah (Housewife) - 22.02.2014

"Good massage relaxes, first time and I think will not be last time"
Mrs. Naz Toorub (Self employed) - 11.02.2014

"Fat reducing massage Amazing, I can feel fat dissolving :) and circulation flowing. Fabulous!"
Mrs. Clara Figares (Journalist - foreigner) - 25.01.2014