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Survival of the fittest !! No business can survive without marketing , be it in any form such as an advert , sponsorship or simply mass mailing.

In Mauritius, the market is small but fair and sustainable. However, whether you believe it or not ,the two core factors to be considered in Mauritius market  are price and visibility.

With Market-Me  the visibility is very high.

The difference with Market-Me  is the foremost and unbeatable new technique of marketing that is the viral marketing.

Viral Marketing is the winning formula for every business and in Canada it has been a success for all business companies.

Don't waste your time submitting the release to cheap or fruitless advert as it would never work at all !

Let's try Market-Me and enjoy the change !

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meet our team

Kartick J Gopaul

(General Manager)

Specialised in Graphics, Web & Marketing to provide you with effective service.


Fabrice Ducasse

(Software Developer)

We provide you the best technological support to enhance your business.

Laila Bibi Fatimah

(Administrative Assistant)



  • To establish the most user friendly and up- to- date digital marketing tools which is accessible to people of any class, any age in anywhere and at anytime.
  • To reduce the gap between suppliers and customers which would confidently create condense business climates and in turn lessen business mismatch.
  • To create a gateway for Mauritian enterprise towards Africa and other regions





To become the leader in digital marketing in the next five years in Mauritius and the African regions.



The primary aim of Market-Me Ltd is to construct a digital framework for establishing a reliable, robust, practical and smart display platform which embraces different tools of marketing.

It is envisaged to spearhead with “aggressive” cognitive and persuasive marketing channeling to heighten the business deal of our prestigious clients and ensure a significant business growth.