Why get your

vehicule inspected ?

Because it’s the law

To comply with the Road Traffic Act, all vehicles must undergo an official roadworthy test in intervals set by the law.


The inspection will determine the technical condition of your vehicle at the moment of the test and will compare those results with the legal standards in force:


  • If your vehicle complies with those standards, you will receive the “Certificate of Fitness ”.
  • If your vehicle fails the test, you must have the defect repaired and bring your vehicle back to the same Vehicle Examination Centre for re-testing.

Because it will help you improve your road safety


Road accidents are becoming every day an increased problem in the whole world. Beside the human and other factors, the technical condition of the vehicle is one of the causes for these accidents.


The main purpose of all regulations in force, related to vehicle inspection, is the increase of road safety for all road users.


By testing your vehicle, you are not just fulfilling a legal requirement; you are also getting informed if your vehicle has any problem and if it needs to be repaired, helping you to avoid accidents.

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